The Next Must Have Gadget for Your Mobile Phone?

Convergence is a word used heavily in the mobile phone industry. We’ve come a long way from from bricks that used to do basic voice calling to modern mobiles with GPS, wireless networking, multi mega-pixel cameras, video recording, MP3 ringtones, video conferencing, VOIP, gigabyte memory cards and all the bells and whistles. And all in your pocket.

For the modern phone manufacturer, the biggest trade off has been portability versus screen size. Yes, you can watch a movie on your phone, but who would want to on a 1.5 inch screen? 3M may have the answer. How about a built in projector in your phone capable of displaying an image up to 50 inches, or a 60 inch image in perfect lighting conditions? Now if only they could get a popcorn maker into my phone, I’d be happy!