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Where is PrntScrn?

One of the questions I get asked by a lot of Mac newbies is “Where is the Print Screen button?”. The answer, is that there isn’t one. So how do you perform a screen capture in Mac OS X. The answer is that there are two ways, you can use the Grab Utility found under Applications -> Utilities, or you can use the shortcut key: cmd+shift+4.

I find the shortcut key much easier to use. Pressing the key changes the cursor to a target showing the co-ordinates of the cursor. In this mode, you can select and area of the screen you wish. When you release the mouse button, the screen capture is automatically saved to your Desktop as “Picture 1″

To grab a full window, use the same shortcut key and then press the spacebar. The cursor will now change to a camera and the window under the cursor will be highlighted. One click and the captured image is saved to your Desktop. Easy peasy, when you know how!