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Using GIMP Brushes with Seashore

I use Seashore as my main image editor on Mac OS. I’m not a graphics designer so I don’t need an uber-powerful, all singing, all dancing graphics editor.

While Seahorse fits my needs, one thing it does lack is a comprehensive set of brushes. However, because it is based around GIMP, you can use brushes created for GIMP.

To add brushes to Seashore you need to do the following:

  • Locate Seashore in your Applications Folder,
  • Cmd-Click on the Seashore.app and select “Show Package Contents”,
  • Browse to “Contents -> Resources -> brushes”,
  • Drag and drop your GIMP brush set into this folder.

There’s plenty of free GIMP brushes available on the net, but deviantART is a good place to start.