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WaterRoof – GUI Frontend for the Mac OS Firewall

Any time I reinstall Windows on my desktop machine, there are 2 programs that go on before anything else: anti-virus and a personal firewall. However, on my MacBook, I have no anti-virus installed, and the firewall comes pre-installed.

Following the initial release of Leopard, there were some concerns regarding the efficiency of the firewall. The configuration utility provided with Leopard, or for that matter, Tiger, is not great for power users. You can use the command line to view and edit the firewall rules, but it’s not the most intuitive way to do it. Enter WaterRoof. Available for both Tiger and Leopard, this handy tool allows you to apply either pre-built rule-sets or to create your own.

As well as allowing editing of rules, WaterRoof also provides access to the firewall logs, either graphically or the raw statistics. If you’re new to Mac OS and want more control over the inbuilt firewall, the WaterRoof is worth having.

Protecting Your PC

As anyone who uses Windows on a regular basis will tell you, security is a problem. It’s a problem because Windows is the biggest target out there, and every script-kiddie, virus-writer with half a brain can write software to exploit it.

It takes time and effort to lock down a computer. More than time and effort than most end users are willing to dedicate to the issue. Securing your computer is more than preventing unauthorised access, it’s about protecting your private data, and ensuring that your computer continues to work the way you want it to. So here’s my basic guide to securing your home PC.

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