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“custom_domain is null”error message in Firefox

Problem: When opening a “localhost” address using Firefox, a JavaScript error message is displayed with the error message “current_domain is null”.

Description: Using Firefox version 3.0.11. Error message only appears when connecting to a site hosted on the local machine. Disabling all add-ons resolves the problem. Re-enabled add-ons one by one. Re-enabling LongURL Expander causes the problem to re-appear. Error message is known issue with version 2.0.0 of the add-on.

Solution: As per the comments on the the add-on page, edit the longurlmobileexpander.js file to make the requirement for the second part of the domain name optional.

  • On Mac OS X, open home folder and browse to Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/[profile].default/extension/{a7101e54-830c-4d33-a3ed-bedc17ec44da}/content
  • Open longurlmobileexpander.js in TextEdit.
  • Edit line 78 to read:

var current_domain = document.location.href.match(/^https?://(?:www.)?([^.]+(.[^/]+)?)/i);

  • Save changes.

Thanks to Mathias Jansen for the solution.

Data Leak Bug in Firefox

Mozilla have confirmed that there’s a bug in Firefox that could lead to your private data being exposed. The security people at Mozilla have rated this security issue as low and are working on a fix.

The bug involves how Firefox deals with “chrome://” URI’s and escaped characters. The full technical details and a demo of the bug are available from Gerry Eisenhaur’s hiredhacker site. The demo seems to be for Windows only, so those of a Mac or Linux persuasion will have to wait to see if this bug affects them.

Until a fix is released, the NoScript add-on can be used to stop this bug in it’s tracks.