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Data Leak Bug in Firefox

Mozilla have confirmed that there’s a bug in Firefox that could lead to your private data being exposed. The security people at Mozilla have rated this security issue as low and are working on a fix.

The bug involves how Firefox deals with “chrome://” URI’s and escaped characters. The full technical details and a demo of the bug are available from Gerry Eisenhaur’s hiredhacker site. The demo seems to be for Windows only, so those of a Mac or Linux persuasion will have to wait to see if this bug affects them.

Until a fix is released, the NoScript add-on can be used to stop this bug in it’s tracks.

Leopard: Data Loss Bug

With any new OS there’s bound to be a few problems. Now that hype is dying down a bit, and as Leopard users get down to using the new OS, the bugs are beginning to surface. The biggest one reported to date involves data loss when moving files between different file systems.

So until Apple release a fix, if you have to move files, then stick to copy and delete.