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New WordPress Plugin – Email Post Activation

I was looking into blogging via email1, and I couldn’t get it to work. Until I discovered that WordPress has to be told to check for any new emails.2.

In order to process the email post, WordPress uses wp-mail.php. Loading this page in your browser will tell WordPress to check for new email posts. There are three ways to call the file:

  • By visiting the URI to wp-mail.php in your browser,
  • By using Cron to automatically load the file after a set period of time, or
  • By including a hidden iframe in your Blog footer that links to wp-mail.php.

Not all WordPress users have the ability to edit their crontab and even more have no interest in editing their theme files. So I wrote a simple plugin that will add the iframe to the the blog footer.

When I say simple, I actually mean simple – there’s all of 3 lines of code in this plugin, so not much can go wrong with it.3

You can read more about it here.

  1. The reason for which I’ll go into in a later post []
  2. I should of realised this, but it was so obvious that I didn’t even consider it []
  3. Having just re-read that, it looks like I’m tempting fate. []