Internet Explorer 6 CSS Support

Here was I thinking that my site design was working fine, until I tried to view it on IE6. Oh. My. God. What an abomination. In Opera and Firefox it looks perfect. Even in IE7 it looked perfect, but in IE6, it was all over the place. For those of you on IE6, below is a screenshot of what it should look like. For those of you using a proper, standards compliant browser, there’s another screenshot of how IE6 renders my site. The problem is that the site does not use tables, but div’s and CSS to lay out the various sections.

I’d love to be able to turn around and tell all the IE6 users out there who want to view my site to upgrade to IE7 or get a proper browser, but I know that’s not going to happen. So now I have a choice. I can continue to ignore IE6 users and present them with a broken version of the site, or I can try to figure out a method that will create the layout I want in all versions of Internet Explorer. It’s a now brainer really. I’ll have to figure out a way to get the site layout “right” in all browsers.

And that brings me to my next problem: how does the site look in non-windows based browsers? I can easily check the main Linux browsers, by loading a live CD of Ubuntu or Kubuntu, but other OS’es are going to cause a problem. For example, I don’t have access to a Mac, so I can’t readily check Safari.

Until I get this sorted, I apologise in advance to all IE6 users out there who have to put up with a broken site, but I promise that I’ll fix it ASAP. If there are any users out there using a different broweser, if you could let me know how your browser of choice renders my site, I really, really, would appreciate it.

IE6 Rendering:

IE Rendering

Opera Rendering:

Opera Rendering