Internet Explorer 6 CSS Support: Update

Just an update on the CSS Problem. After a quick search on Google, I discovered that IE6 does not support the “position: fixed” attribute of CSS. I was using this attribute for the navigation bar, the external links bar, and the copyright bar. So when rendering the page, IE6 just ignored this attribute and laid out the different div’s one after another, which caused the messed up layout.

My original intention was to have those three blocks visible on the page at all times so that navigation would be easier. They also helped frame the content.

In the meantime, I’ve changed the attribute to “position: absolute”. So now the layout is nearly what I want. But not quite. I’ll work on incorporating the two style sheets, so that the true layout is available to those with compliant browsers, and IE6 users get the updated CSS file. That way, the site looks the way I want it to, and not the way that Internet Explorer, thinks it should look. At least IE7 does recognise “position: fixed”, but only time will tell what other parts of the CSS standard Microsoft have decided to ignore.

Thanks to my sister Lena, for pointing out the rendering problem on IE6. Kudos!