Internet Explorer 6 CSS Support: Another Update

What’s the point in having standards if they are just going to be thrown out the window and ignored? I really feel for the guys out there who do web design on a full time basis. No wonder they hate IE so much. I hit just one major problem, and it wrecked my head trying to sort it out.Anyway, after a couple of days away, I finally got a chance to sit down and do some research about my “position:fixed” problem. I initially thought that I would have to create two CSS files and then use some scripting to do some browser recognition and redirection. Turns out the answer was easier than that. Instead I used a CSS child selector to fix the problem.As it turns out, IE6 doesn’t recognise child selectors, so I set one rule for IE6 and then used the child selectors to set the rule for compliant browsers. My code turned out something like this:. sidebar {position: absolute;} //IE6 code – not what I wanted, but close enough.html>body .sidebar {position: fixed;} //CSS compliant browser code – what I do want.The sidebar and the navigation bar still don’t render correctly in IE6, they scroll with the rest of the page, when they should stay put. At the same time, other browsers render the page as designed.I’d still recommend that if you’re using IE6 that you upgrade to IE7 – at a minimum. Best of all, change your browser to Opera or Firefox. I can heartily recommend either, and since I changed a couple of years ago, I haven’t looked back.