How Do You De-Frost a Half Tonne Squid?

Scientists have spent years searching for one of the planets most elusive creatures. Scientists at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, have finally gotten their hands on a specimen on the Colossus Squid, only to discover that it’s frozen solid.

Fisherman caught the specimen off the coast Antarctica in February, at which time it was frozen in the ships hold. The problem now is that at room temperature, the squid will take a couple of days to defrost. In that time, the outer layers will have rotted before the core of this beast has defrosted. So what to do? One of the solutions being considered is to use a large microwave to defrost the entire squid in one go.

Despite the fact that the Colossus Squid weighs nearly 500kg and is 10 meters long, scientists are confident that they can locate a microwave big enough for the job.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tasted Calamari, but I can’t imagine that microwaving is going to help the taste.