Autohide the Dock and Menu Bar on a Per App Basis

I’m one of those people who like to keep their software updated, particularly when the updates are free! I regularly update Firefox. I’ve never had a problem with an update. But I do have a gripe. (Of course I do, otherwise would I be writing this post!). I have Firefox configured so that the Mac OS X menu bar and dock automatically hide. It’s quite easy to do, but it does involve manually editing some configuration files.

First off, locate the on your system. This is normally in the Applications folder, but can be installed elsewhere. Control-Click the file and select the “Show Package Contents” option on the pop-up menu. When the package contents folder opens, double click the “Contents” folder and locate a file called info.plist

. Open this file in your favourite text editor.The next step is to insert the following lines into the text file. The following lines must be inserted in alphabetical order:


Here’s a hint: it goes before the NSAppleScriptEnabled key.

Start Firefox and you’ll notice that the both the menu bar and the dock are no longer visible. To access either of these items, just move the mouse cursor to the normal location of the dock or the menu bar.

This will work with any application, so if you’ve ever wished that you could use the full screen area for an application, that’s how you can do it.

I originally found this hint at Mac OS X Hints.