45 Seconds

That’s how far we were from winning the 6 Nations. Today was a day of IF’s.

If we had put the ball out when the 80 minutes were up, the Italians wouldn’t have scored that try, and we would have been champions.

If the TMO hadn’t have given the French a dubious try, we would have been champions.

If the referee hadn’t missed all the forward passes in our game, then we wouldn’t have been given at least 2 tries, and we wouldn’t even have been in with a shout.

If we hadn’t lost our concentration in the last 2 minutes against the French, we would have won that game, and todays scores wouldn’t have mattered so much.

That’s the funny thing about IF’s, they can go both ways. In fairness, the team did their best. It wasn’t good enough today, but if today is to have any meaning, we have to learn from it and carry it into the World Cup. If only.