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England 6 – 32 New Zealand

That’s a scoreline to lift any Munster rugby follower’s heart. Not because it was England that were beaten by New Zealand. Not because Munster came closer to beating the all-conquering All Blacks than any of the full International sides. It’s because all these score-lines have one thing in common:

  • England 6 – 32 New Zealand
  • Wales 9 – 29 New Zealand
  • Ireland 3 – 22 New Zealand
  • Scotland 6 – 32 New Zealand

Not one of the Home Nations scored a try against the All Blacks. But Munster did.

Round these parts it will be remembered for one of the greatest games to have ever taken place in Thomond Park, it will be remembered as the night that Barry Murphy scored the only try conceded by the All Blacks on their Grand Slam tour.

“In 1978, Munster supporters left Thomond Park amazed that they had beaten the All Blacks. In 2008, Munster supporters left Thomond Park amazed that they had lost to the All Blacks”.

Using GIMP Brushes with Seashore

I use Seashore as my main image editor on Mac OS. I’m not a graphics designer so I don’t need an uber-powerful, all singing, all dancing graphics editor.

While Seahorse fits my needs, one thing it does lack is a comprehensive set of brushes. However, because it is based around GIMP, you can use brushes created for GIMP.

To add brushes to Seashore you need to do the following:

  • Locate Seashore in your Applications Folder,
  • Cmd-Click on the and select “Show Package Contents”,
  • Browse to “Contents -> Resources -> brushes”,
  • Drag and drop your GIMP brush set into this folder.

There’s plenty of free GIMP brushes available on the net, but deviantART is a good place to start.

“The connection was refused”Error Message When Using Leopard’s Web Sharing

I came across this problem when trying to enable Web Sharing on my Macbook:

Connection Refused Error

Connection Refused Error

Seems that even if the Sharing Preferences Pane shows that Apache is running, it’s not. A simple Terminal command will show you:

$ ps aux | grep httpd
pmac 1796 0.0 0.0 599820 464 s001 R+ 12:52pm 0:00.00 grep httpd

After a lot of searching, I found the solution. There’s an issue with the Leopard Apache upgrade that somehow forgets to create the log files that Apache needs to start. To fix the problem, type the following commands into Terminal:

sudo touch /var/log/apache2/access_log
sudo touch /var/log/apache2/error_log
sudo chmod 600 /var/log/apache2/access_log
sudo chmod 600 /var/log/apache2/error_log

Restart the Web Sharing Service by unticking and ticking the box is System Preferences or by running the following command in Terminal:

sudo apachectl restart

Apache should be up and running and you can test this by clicking this link: http://localhost. If everything goes to plan you should see the following page:

Apache Start Page

Apache Start Page

Cool iTunes Grid View Tip

I’ve spent the last couple of days updating my iTunes library. Updating track and album info, finding album art, that kind of thing. Took me quite a few hours to get everything organised the way I wanted it, but it’s finally done.

One thing I did notice is that if you use the Grid View and go to Genres, you’ll see the iTunes default logos for each genre of music that you have in your library.

iTunes Genres Default Logos

iTunes Genres Default Logos

That’s not the cool thing though. Move your mouse left and right over the logo, and iTunes will display the album art for each album in that genre.

iTunes Showing Album Covers

iTunes Showing Album Covers

See? Cool!

Munster Squad to Face New Zealand Named

On Tuesday the 18th November 2008, a new piece of history will be written in Thomond Park. New Zealand will play Munster to commemorate the opening of the new Thomond Park. As it happens, it’s also 30 years since New Zealand were beaten 12 – 0 by Munster. You may have heard about it.

The question on everyone’s lips is will we do it again. No matter what my heart says, my head says “No”. With the Ireland – New Zealand test on the Saturday before, and with Argentina to follow the week after, there’s a distinct lack of first team players available, especially in the pack. (Though I have to say that our back line looks strong).

Despite the fact that the match will be played between two second-string teams, I think it’s going to be a great occasion. For the lads in red, it’s going to be a tough game, but there’s no doubt that they’ll show the All Blacks just how tough they can be.

The Munster Squad vs New Zealand:
Federico Pucciariello, Timmy Ryan, Dave Ryan, Frank Sheahan, Denis Fogarty, Donncha Ryan, Mark Melbourne, James Coughlan, John O’Sullivan, Niall Ronan, Justin Melck, Billy Holland Barry Murphy, Kieran Lewis, Brian Carney, Anthony Horgan, Doug Howlett, Lifeimi Mafi, Rua Tipoki, Paul Warwick, Jeremy Manning, Conor Murray, Mike Prendergast.

Enabling Remote Desktop Connection in Vista Home Premium

I had reason recently to try a Remote Desktop Connection with a PC running Vista Home Premium. While Vista HP allows you to send Remote Invitations, it doesn’t allow Remote Connections to be initiated from the client computer.

I played around with using VNC, but the connection was much more flakey and slower than a RDC session would be. It was with some relief that I found this post from “Fran Goes Blog” with a solution. It worked a treat. Thanks Fran.